Small Fruited Varieties


These plants produce fruits from ˝" to 2".

These little fruits can be red, black, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow, ivory, bicolor and in varying shapes: round, pear, grape, heart, ping pong, pea-sized and plum-shaped.




Black Cherry ($6.95
F/C (Ch) (VE) 65 days.


A perfectly round cherry tomato with classic black tomato flavor, sweet rich, smoky and complex. Fruit picks easily from the stem and is produced in abundance on vigorous, tall plants. These cherries are irresistibly delicious: look like a  black cherry, taste like a sweet cherry-- a unique addition to the color and flavor spectrum of cherry tomatoes for your garden, along with  our other cherries, it makes an arresting display for any table. Just outstanding. These guys got eaten moments after the photograph was taken.  :)







Blondkopfchen ( Blond-copf-shen) ($6.95
 75 days.


One of the finest tasting cherry tomato in existence, the name of this marvelous German heirloom cutie means Little Blond Head or Little Blond Girl.


The big leafy plant produces thousands of ˝" grape-size sparkling yellow-gold cherry tomatoes in phenomenal clusters of 30 fruits per bunch!


Delightfully sweet with a citrusy finish, this is the one to try with children who don't think they like tomatoes. As Gary Ibsen of says, " Just put one in your mouth and try to keep from smiling!"


No cracking, with great disease resistance, this little sweetie grows anywhere and produces right up until frost. Challenging to pronounce, really easy to eat.



New For 2022!

Blue Chocolate Cherry ($6.95) 75 days.

Another stunner from the Amazing Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms.

We are crazy in love with these yummy, gorgeous, 2 oz. chocolate-brown fruits with exotic, blue shoulders.

Perfectly round, ping pong ball size, really sweet and rich flavored, they grow on big hearty plants in generous clusters.

These tomatoes hold well on the vine so you can let them stay there when ripe for a few days, they won't get soft and overripe for quite a while.

Blue Chocolate Cherry is crack resistant, (yay) disease resistant (more yay!), easy to grow and a perfect salad and slicing tomato for your family.

This very unusual plant makes a fabulous gift for foodie friends, new and old, looking for something rare and wonderful from the heirloom world to grow in their tomato gardens.





Brad's Atomic Grape ($6.95) 75 days     
These elongated multi-colored, large grape type tomatoes grow in beautiful, colorful clusters on gorgeous wispy vines. The top seed seller at Wild Boar Farms, I've gotten a hundred requests for the plants.
Lavender and purple striped at first, then turning to green, red and chocolate brown with deep blue stripes when fully ripe.

Inside, Atomic Grape glows green with a blush of deep red when fully ripe.  Sweet and fragrant, this amazing fruit holds well on the vine and has a long shelf life after picking. Another mind-blowing variety from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farm, this photograph is Brad's.





Dwarf Johnson's Cherry ($8.95) 60 days. FINALLY!

At last! A pink Dwarf Cherry that's good enough for you guys!

There are a LOT of hybrid red or pink cherry tomatoes growing on micro plants that are hybridized to stay teeny. Most are hybrid determinates; they produce fruits all at once, for a few weeks and then die back. Finished, done, no mas. And the seeds are not open pollinated. 

However, Johnson's Cherry is a an heirloom dwarf indeterminate! YAY!

One of the questions I'm asked often is " Hey Laurel, do you have a dwarf cherry thats pink or red?  Not yet, I reply... I have been on-the-lookout for a dwarf red or pink cherry with great flavor and  superior growth habit.

AND I FOUND IT!  And. It. Is Excellent! I was surprised at the “wow!” balance and strength of sugar and acid that many cherries don’t seem to have.

Johnson's Cherry has marvelous, refreshing, elaborate tomato flavors. Along with Velvet Night and Wee Tang Shebang, your dwarf cherry collection is growing! 

A beautiful deep pink, marvelous flavor and dwarf growth habit make this tomato the one we've been looking for!







Gardener's Delight, also known as 'Sugar Lump'. ($6.95
) 60 days (VE)  


This old German variety is probably the sweetest and most prolific of all the old-time cherry tomatoes.


With classic cherry growth habit and old-time rich sweet flavors, 'Sugar Lump' is disease resistant, early ripening and really prolific -- the perfect cherry tomato.


Thin skinned and really productive, in clusters of 7 to 9 fruits on a strong plant, it's great for containers and the main garden bed.


Very early to ripen, you will harvest hundreds of scrumptious tomatoes from your Gardener's Delight plant. Plenty to share!





Rapunzel  ($8.95) 70 days.  (H)


Yes, I know.... but it is real.  I get dozens of  calls and emails from gardeners searching for Rapunzel plants. Here it is! 


Because a few callers doubted that this plant can actually produce trusses this long, the photo is a Rapunzel plant grown by my customer Jeff Hartang. Yay Jeff!


This awesome hybrid produces tremendously long clusters of bright red, one inch, sweet juicy tomatoes all season long. The fruits themselves have a sweet rich flavor and the ridiculously dazzling trusses will have you doing a double-take. 


Some of the 'strands'  hold more than 40 tomatoes. Pretty cool.  Great for containers!


This plant makes a delightful gift for gardeners of all ages -- especially kids and grandmas-- and grows easily in all climates and is disease resistant, too.






Sun Gold ($6.95)     (EE) (H) 55 days. 


This is the one of the best cherry tomatoes I've ever tasted and ready to pick in only 55-60 days.


It has the big, elaborate flavor of a full-size tomato, in a beautiful little deep-golden fruit growing in bountiful clusters on a huge plant. Sweet, rich, so pretty and productive.


Most of them won't make it into your house from the garden. If you send someone to pick them for you, keep your binoculars trained upon the picker.  There may be a ruckus.



Sunrise Bumblebee ($6.95)   70 days


What can I say?  I've never seen anything prettier in the cherry tomato world. Huge harvests, too. This a very special cherry tomato, an astounding artisan variety. Please put this plant into your garden -- but remember -- it will make you way too popular. Looks amazing in a salad with Purple Bumblebee.


Sunrise Bumblebee is plump and bountiful, crammed full of old- time sweet, juicy, pop-in-your-mouth tomato flavors and just as cute as it can be. This is the tomato you would steal from your neighbors in the middle of the night. But don't; grow your own.   





Dwarf Velvet Night (Cherry) ($6.95)


This deep purple cherry tomato grows in great abundance on a small dwarf plant. If you have a limited garden space and crave a really sweet, rich flavored cherry tomato, this is the one for you!


Very high production of 1 to 2 oz. cherry tomatoes will keep your tomato tastebuds really happy all season long -- and you'll have enough to share with loved ones.

This tomato was selected out and named by Susan Oliverson of the Dwarf Tomato Project.





Wee Tang Shebang (Dwarf plant) ($6.95
) 55 - 60 days


Another dazzling heirloom from legendary tomato breeder Tom Wagner.


Although I don't know if Sun Gold is in its parent line, if you love Sun Gold, this is the plant for you!


I would describe Wee Tang Shebang as  a petite plant, small as heirlooms go. Producing scads of gorgeous golden-orange tomatoes with all the dazzling flavor of Sun Gold, it's a small plant, about 4 to 5 ft tall and covered with tomatoes.


Ellie Pong of Bunny Hop Seeds sent me a sample of this one a couple of years ago.  Adrienne loved the name and grew out some plants in our nursery. When it started producing I asked her, "Hey, what the heck is that?" She said, "Look at the label, Mom."


The flavor is SO good, I chose it over any other golden-yellow-orange cherry plants. A thousand times tastier. Crack resistant.


(Of the 30 in Adrienne's photograph, only one cracked! (YAY!)






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