Big Bloom Liquid Fertilizer


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Our plants are growing better than ever since we switched to Fox Farm nutrients.


Here is Big Bloom, a live culture of vitamins, amino acids, natural growth hormones, enzymes and organic microbes.

This special micro-brewed formula has earthworm castings, bat guano, kelp and other organic ingredients that offer a full, mild, and balance range of nutrients. The Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases your yields. 

How TO USE: 4 Tablespoons per gallon of water every other time you water.

FOLIAR FEEDING: 1 tablespoon per gallon of water once a week during early stages of plant growth.


32 Ounce Bottle, $14.50. 

To order, include it with your plant list.



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Carbon ($6.25) 78 days. This long-time favorite of mine is a real knock-out.  I've been custom growing it for several distinguished customers and they've convinced me to add it for 2015. It produces a heavy crop of 10 to 14 oz., beautiful purple-brown tomatoes; most fruits are darker than the one in the photograph making this among of the darkest of the black tomatoes with delicious, rich, complex flavors that we treasure in the black tomatoes. This high producing, richly flavored tomato is a favorite of market gardeners and chef






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  Anna Banana Russian, (Dwarf) Emerald Giant, Rosella Purple (Dwarf), Tasmanian Chocolate, Tennessee Sweet, Ruby Gold AKA Gold Medal, New Big Dwarf, Indigo Apple, Rapunzel, Sunrise Bumblebee and more.....

Gold Medal Tomatox   

Ruby Gold (Also called Gold Medal)                   Ruby Gold aka Gold Medal tomatofest pic

photo courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds




The Dwarf Plants




main, big red, new pages

New Big Dwarf -- tomatofest pic





Rosella Purple    Rosella Purple tomato image####

Rosella Purple ( Dwarf) photo Heritage TOmato seed              photo 2 Craig's book                                                                  photo 3 Restoration seeds


Six to twelve ounce purple red fruit on 3 plus compact plant. Among the best tasting dwarf varieties, beautiful fruit. Cross between Budai, small red fruited dwarf, and Stump of the World in 2006 bytomato genius Patrina Nuske Small in Australia. The Color can vary from purple-red to rose to darker purple like Paul Robeson. New Dwarf variety from the Dwarf Tomato Project for those growing in small gardens or containers. 

new, green , main

Dwarf Emerald Giant


Tomato_Indigo-Apple_Web_304_304_s_c1.jpg (304304)

Indigo Apple

A real beauty and early ripening.  Heavy sets of unripe fruit show lots of purple, which is brought on by the sunlight and will eventually turn almost a true black.  This is caused by the high anthocyanin level (the powerful antioxidant found in blueberries).  This variety was developed using an original cross made by PKS Heirlooms in Copemish, Michigan.  Good sweet tomato flavor.  Bred by Brad Gates.  Indeterminate, 70 days from transplant.


Tasmanian Chocolate


Heritage seed  picture 3 from Tradewinds fruit

Tasmanian Chocolate is a beautiful variety that produces huge tomatoes on very compact plants. Large, beefsteak style fruits can grow to almost a pound and ripen to a deep chocolate-red. What really makes it unique is the dwarf growing habit, with small plants only growing to 2-3 feet, but still loaded with fruits! Great for small spaces and containers.



Anna Banana



Sunrise Bumblebee






54d5a57cae7fa4af4859bb45eeeebc11.jpg (7361099)x

Rapunzel  ($6.95) 70 days.  (H)

Yes, I know.... but it is real.  I've gotten dozens of  calls and emails recently from gardeners searching for Rapunzel plants. So here it is!  This new, awesome hybrid produces tremendously long clusters of bright red, one inch, sweet juicy tomatoes all season long. The fruits themselves have a sweet rich flavor and the ridiculously dazzling trusses will have you doing a double-take.  Some of the 'strands'  hold more than 40 tomatoes. Pretty cool.  Great for containers!


This plant makes a delightful gift for gardeners of all ages -- especially kids and grandmas-- and grows easily in all climates and is disease resistant, too.




















Tennessee Sweet








peach blow sutton






















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Black Prince ($6.25) F/C     (E) (SM) 70 days. Black Prince is the true Siberian tomato. One of the most intensely 'tomatoey' flavored heirlooms, rich and juicy, a smaller plant, very prolific, easy to grow, it loads up in only 70 days with clusters of gorgeous 6-8 oz. deep, dark mahogany-red fruits the color of rubies at midnight. Black Prince has become a favored tomato among the best gardeners and chefs of America and throughout the world. Easy to grow in any climate.


   NEW FOR 2015

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Delicious ($6.25) 85 days. Because it holds the Guinness Book of World Record's 'Largest Tomato Ever Grown' title, just over 7 pounds for a single fruit, I've had many requests for this tomato over the years, so here it is! A real treasure, this huge, normally at 2 lb., scarlet red, meaty, beefsteak tomato has complex, rich, old-fashioned tomato flavors that tomato lovers dream of. Delicious it is! It holds a world record for largest tomato grown,  Many folks report fruits of 3 to 4 lbs.






Goose Creek ($7.95) 75-80 days.  (HG) (E)   Goose Creek


This delectable historical family heirloom is one of the rarest plants we offer and our top seller. The flavor and color run deep in Goose Creek, a stunning, hot pink/reddish fruit, round or slightly flattened, sometimes slightly lobed, with occasional tiny gold streaks or speckling.


Juicy, very sweet and intensely tomatoey as if injected with concentrated tomato flavor. Ambrosial with a luxurious, silken texture, a lingering touch of sweetness and rich, earthy sweet flavors, high fruit yield and very few seeds. 


This family treasure comes to us from my old friend and edible landscape expert, Jimmy Williams, author of the top selling gardening book, 'From Seed to Skillet' and owner of HayGround Organic Gardening in California whose home garden is an enchanting escape. Jimmy and his Native Island Gullah-Geechee forebears are descendants of slaves brought in bondage from The Caribbean to the coastal islands of the Southern United States to grow rice for plantation owners.

The Gullah are still keepers of a fascinating culture of food, language and beloved traditions--a most extraordinary and delightful people.

The seeds of this sublime fruit have been passed down through generations when Jimmy's great-great grandmother, a young Caribbean slave, smuggled them with her aboard ship. When the ship docked at Charleston near Goose Creek, South Carolina, she had the treasured seeds with her, hidden in her skirt pocket and planted them that first spring. Jimmy's grandmother, Elouise Watson, shared this precious heirloom with him more than 55 years ago, assuring Goose Creek's place in his family's garden for generations to come.


Along with being very heat tolerant, it shows remarkable cold-tolerance along the cooler coastal areas where the fruits continue to set and ripen through November and December. It is a wonderful choice for growing in containers.

A rare and exquisite selection for your table and your historical garden. Goose Creek is a delightful gift for the tomato lover on your list.


TF-0271D-3.jpg (594499)  NEW FOR 2015

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Jersey Devil  ($6.25)  88 days. This long, tapered, sweet and meaty old time Jersey tomato is a delightful addition to any heirloom garden. The 5" to 6 " long gorgeous bright red fruits are easy to grow, highly productive and ideal for sauce, paste and for fresh eating. Very few seeds and a fascinating shape make Jersey Devil an old favorite. I've heard from a lot of old-time gardeners who have been searching for this plant. Here it is!


PORKCHOP-LG.jpg (800601)  

Pork Chop  ($6.25) 85 days.    

Introduced by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in Napa, California (Brad also brought us Berkeley Tie Dye), Pork Chop is a big, 10 to 12 oz. gorgeous, meaty, striped bright yellow beefsteak tomato with fantastic flavors. Very sweet with a citrusy background, it just might be the best tasting true-yellow tomato in existence. Easy to grow in foggy coastal climates.

Luscious, spellbinding, just out of this world. At full ripeness its green stripes turn to a burnished gold and then, boy, are you in for treat.



White Queen ($6.25) 75 days.  

This ivory beauty is the closest to pure white you'll find in a tomato. 3" to 4" with an occasional pink blush on the blossom end at ripeness, its outstanding, all-season production of half-pound tomatoes with a bit of ruffling near the stem end and creamy white flesh, have made it a standout in my garden. For the heirloom gardener who wants dazzling beauty in the tomato garden. Growing in clusters of three to five fruits, its sweet, fruity, tropical flavor will beguile you with a fragrance that hints of rosewater.

The original White Queen was released in 1882 by its creator, Alexander W. Livingston. 

Photograph of White Queen in hand, courtesy of our customer, Dianna Theyssen, from her 2014 harvest


TF-0002-2.jpg (800674)   

Caspian Pink ($6.25) 80 days.    (B)  Called the Queen of the Big Pinks, Caspian Pink has been requested by so many customers, I've added it for 2013. A big winner in tomato tastings and ranked in the top 10 of almost everyone's 'best' tomato lists, Caspian pink is easy to grow and very productive.

With flavor rivaling the best of the Brandywines, along with its handsome shape, beautiful hue and high production, this old time Russian variety offers huge pink fruits, from 1 to 2 lbs, which grow well everywhere and are a perfect choice for cooler climates.




Photograph courtesy of


Hillbilly ($6.25) (BB)  (E)  78 days. This fabulous old-time heirloom from the hills of West Virginia, growing to 2 lbs., has stunning yellow and red dappled skin with sunset-hued rainbow stripes inside; makes gorgeous slices. Vibrantly sweet, and luscious.


Another top vote getter at TomatoFest in Carmel, California. This one has become a favorite of gardeners worldwide. Easy to grow and disease resistant, Hillbilly is a mainstay for the classic heirloom garden.




Blood Gulch  ($6.95)    85 to 90 days. Wow! This tomato is my new favorite. Cut into this magnificent fruit to reveal the deepest, darkest, blood-red flesh I've ever seen in a tomato. Decadent and delicious! A deep reddish-purple with luminescent green streaking, this 2 to 3 ounce fruit is an offspring of a pure platinum-silver tomato with darker silver stripes. This beautifully bizarre and stunning tomato is descended from that silver tomato discovered by Krystal Elser in a patch of Black Zebras.  Krystal saved 8 seeds, 2 germinated. Grown out and stabilized, two delightful varieties resulted from that silver pearlescent fruit. Blood Gulch and Valhalla. This is how a lot of the heirlooms came about. Mother Nature at her best!  A Laurel's exclusive.


First 2 photographs of Blood Gulch is the property of Krystal Elser of Elser's Country Farms and used here with her very kind permission.


TF-0411F-2.jpg (568500)  TF-0411F-3.jpg (564500)  NEW FOR 2015

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Red Fig Grape ($6.25) 65 days. Red Fig has been grown in America since the 1700s.  Big leafy plants produce of 1, bright-red teardrop tomatoes that have wonderful, delicious, sweet flavors with a very sweet skin, making this a delightful snacking and salad tomato. Its vibrant sweet flavor has a way of lingering in the mouth and enticing you to try one more, then one sure some of these fruits make it into the house from the garden.

This heirloom tomato was named for a sweet delicacy that was made with this tomato and popular in the mid 1800's. Historically they were sugared, dried and packed away for winter use in substitute of figs.



Tomato 'Rosalita'A grape-type tomato, 'Rosalita' features clusters of small, sweet-tasting, pinkish-red fruits in abundance. It's an indeterminate grower, and the fruits ripen about 60 days from transplanting (making it a great choice for gardeners in northern areas).  Test Garden Tip: Many heirloom tomatoes are susceptible to cracking open on the vine. Avoid this problem by keeping the soil evenly moist and using an organic slow-release fertilizer.   

Rosalita Grape ($6.25) 60 days.   

Growing in long sensuous clusters of 20 fruits, sweet and juicy, this little sweetie will have you swooning. Its bountiful harvest in only 60 days from plant-out will give you enough to satisfy your tomato heart with some to spare for very special friends. You know that certain sunset when the sky is deep pink and it takes your breath away? That's the color of Rosalita. With tiny iridescent sparkles, this is the perfect grape tomato, elongated, luscious, unforgettable.


Persimmon ($6.25) 80 days.     

Enchanting color and sweet, rich flavor make Persimmon a big favorite of heirloom gardeners. Among the best of the big orange tomatoes Persimmon stands out for its high production of 12 ounce to 2 lb. very meaty sweet tomatoes with very few seeds. Flavors are elaborate, earthy, tropical, juicy with a touch of perfect tang. Silky texture, never mushy, producing lots and lots of tomatoes all season long.




  TF-0381-2.jpg (712500)  NEW FOR 2015

Photographs courtesy of




Photograph courtesy of


Legend ($6.25)     (E)   60 days. This very early variety from Dr. James Baggett of Oregon State University grows in abundance on short bushy semi-determinate plants.  The 14 to 16 ounce fruits are smooth and round and blemish free. Bright red with delicious sweet flavors that are perfectly balanced with a touch of acid, Legend produces in only 60 days from plant out. Easy to grow in foggy coastal climates


Sets fruit easily in cooler climates and shows excellent resistance to late blight. A favorite for salads, sandwiches and canning



Photograph courtesy of

Oaxacan Jewel ( Wah - hah - kun) ($6.25)   85 days.  Wonderfully rich, sweet flavors make this stunning jewel-like tomato a huge favorite at tasting parties and in fine restaurants. These beautiful 1 to 2 lb. brilliant yellow beefsteak tomatoes with red streaks throughout the flesh make this one a chef's favorite for flavor and presentation. From the beautiful sate of Oaxaca, Oaxacan Jewel is gaining fans world wide and was among my best finds for the 2011 season.






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Brandywine Red, Landis Valley Strain ($6.25)   ((HG) (E) 78 days. This old time legendary and very special strain of Red Brandywine is named for Brandywine Creek and comes from Chester County Pennsylvania where it originated in 1885. These big, vigorous vines produce 8 -12 ounce, deep bright-red round fruits in clusters of 4 to 6. Outstanding, prolific, robust, with intense tomato flavor which stands up to its legendary 100 year history. Among my favorites. (This is a different strain from regular Red Brandywine which is slightly larger, later and more ribbed.)




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Bush Beefsteak ($6.25)    (D) 60 days. (VE) A wonderful, early, compact and prolific, short bushy plant that grows to only 3 feet tall while producing huge amounts of scrumptious, 8 oz. red tomatoes in clusters of 3 to 5. A very popular determinate variety in short season areas, small gardens and for small (15 gallon) containers. Juicy and delicious. Early harvest, small manageable plant, big tomato flavor!




Japanese Yellow Truffle aka Japanese Yellow Trifele($6.25) 80 days.    If you like sweet tomatoes, this charmer is for you. With a beguiling shape and rich taste along with heavy production, the 4 to 6 ounce Yellow Truffle is a fabulous addition to your collection. At the peak of ripeness when the skin changes from yellow to golden-orange, these yummy guys are long keepers which stay fresh and flavorful for a couple of weeks after picking, making them perfect for gardeners and market growers alike. In a display along with their handsome dusky-hued cousins, Black Truffle (above) they are a knock out.


They are irresistible. After this photo session, we accidentally ate all of them, even the one we promised to save for Grandma. In the second photograph is Wesley, quite possibly my goofiest grandson, holding a cluster of Japanese Yellow Truffle from his garden




Photograph courtesy of


Pineapple ($6.25) 80 days.    

This big beautiful bi-colored, deep yellow beefsteak has a red blushing and streaks on the outside. It's yellow interior has red marbling and a red starburst in the center. The flavors are tropical, fruity, very sweet. Reaching 2 pounds and producing lots of almost seedless fruits, Pineapple stands alone as a classic in the heirloom tomato world. I get many requests for Pineapple, so here it is for 2015.



Ananas Noir (Ah NAH nahs NWAR) AKA Black Pineapple ($6.25) 82 days.    This plant produces abundant clusters of 1 lb. round, dark-purple tomatoes with green shoulders. Another highly regarded black tomato with deep, rich tomato flavors inside where you will find a rainbow of color: red, yellow green, pink, a ravishing display that tastes as awesome as it looks. The colors inside bleed into each other in a stunning pattern. Fabulous texture, taste and production will make this tomato an edible conversation piece and garden-to-table mainstay.

Sliced Ananas Noir photograph courtesy of Jeffrey Smith.



     Top Seller

Photograph courtesy of

Zebra Rita ($6.25) 80 days.     

Another fabulous variety from Tom Wagner. Twice the size of Green Zebra and somewhat sweeter, this heirloom from about 20 years ago was named for Tom's friend Rita DeClercq of Belgium. Hearty plant produces fruits of green and gold striping, about 8 to 12 ounces. Abundant production, this perfect-for-sandwich size tomato is also fabulous in salads and for sauce. A deliciously distinctive tomato -- worth a sunny spot in your garden.

Second photograph from our customer, Dianna Theyssen, from her 2014 harvest


Momotaro  ($6.95) (H) (VE)   62 days. (HG) This very popular early-ripening hybrid variety, (and Dolly Parton's favorite tomato), is being offered due to hundreds of requests from my customers who have found Momotaro fruits at Farmer's Markets. It is exceptionally sweet, low-acid, juicy and just beautiful with a very long shelf life. The 6 ounce fruits are a stunning shade of pink, full flavored, luscious and bountiful on the vine, with superb disease resistance.

I smuggled one into an heirloom tasting party, and the folks loved it. The revelation that it was a hybrid was a splendid surprise to the gathered heirloom aficionados and motley crew of tomato gourmets and gourmands. 

Named for an ancient legend of Momotaro, or Peach Boy, Momotaro was a baby boy found inside a giant peach by childless peasant farmers who had longed for a child of their own. He grew to be a famous warrior for peace. Among his many achievements: conquering, and then encouraging the ogres of Ogre Island to stop pillaging and be nice ogres. Each year the Momotaro festival in Japan celebrates the legend of this brave and wondrous child.  




Photograph courtesy of


Beefsteak (also called Red Ponderosa or Crimson Cushion)  ($6.25) (BB) 85 days. 

The word 'beefsteak' is most often used to describe fruit shape, but this is the original heirloom tomato which is actually named "Beefsteak".  Beefsteak will conjure memories of how real tomatoes taste. Huge, fragrant, delicious dark pink to red fruits, up to 2 pounds on big vines, this amazing plant will need extra support to keep up with the giant, juicy, tangy, sweet and scrumptious old-time tomatoes. A classic.


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