The Yellow, Gold and Orange Tomatoes




Amana Orange ($5.75)    (BB) 80 days. This huge and beautiful late season heirloom beefsteak is named for Amana, Iowa. The light-orange fruits grow to 2 pounds or more. Amana Orange is full flavored and slightly sweet with an enticing hint of tropical fruit flavors and a lovely texture. My customers in the southern states, including Florida and Texas are reporting great success with Amana Orange in hot weather.



Azoychka  (Ah-ZOYCH-kah) ($5.75) 65 days.   (E) One of the first to ripen in your garden, this juicy, scrumptious, lemon-yellow, 7 to 9 ounce tomato has a rich, lingering sweetness with a fine touch of acidity. Ripening in only 65 days from planting out, it has a delightful yet subtle hint of citrusy flavor. A spectacular Russian heirloom, Azoychka has become a favorite of chefs and tomato lovers worldwide. 


Blondkopfchen ( Blond- koff-shen) ($5.75) 75 days. Easily the finest tasting cherry tomato in existence, the name of this marvelous German heirloom cutie means 'Little Blond Head or Little Blond Girl. The big leafy plant produces thousands of 1/2 " grape-size sparkling yellow-gold cherry tomatoes in phenomenal clusters of 30 fruits per bunch! Delightfully sweet with a citrusy finish, this is the one to try with children who don't think they like tomatoes. As Gary says, " Just put one in your mouth and try to keep from smiling!" No cracking, with great disease resistance, this little sweetie grows anywhere and produces right up until frost.


Brandywine Yellow, Platfoot Strain ($5.75) 85 days.   (B) From Gary Platfoot of Ohio, this magnificent big 1 to 2 pound brightly-colored smooth-shaped yellow tomato with marvelous complex taste is a special strain of Yellow Brandywine which has a higher yield than regular Yellow Brandywine and offers the same elaborate, delicious tomato flavor. Gardeners who try this variety continue to grow it in their gardens.  Disease resistant and very easy to grow. It's a classic. I love it.



Dagma's Perfection ($5.75) (E) 72 days. TOP SELLER

As described by Gary Ibsen, renowned tomato expert, gourmet, author, connoisseur, and owner of Carmel TomatoFest, who named this extraordinary tomato for his lady love. This vigorous and abundant plant offers a bountiful harvest of medium-sized, 3" 12 oz., light yellow beefsteak fruits with beautifully delicate red striping. Deliciously flavorful with lingering sweet overtones of tropical fruit and subtle hints of lime, it is firm, juicy and elegant in the mouth. An enchanting tomato...delightful and jewel-like, just marvelous.

Dagma's Perfection is a best seller.






Gramma Climen haga ($5.75)   

This fantastic Canadian tomato has been a huge favorite of mine for years. With a luminous orange hue and brilliant, citrusy sweet flavor--it's perfectly balanced and delicious.  Grown by T. McIntee's grandma, it is easy to grow, a very reliable producer of 6 to 10 ounce meaty fruits, about 3" across, round and smooth -- a truly memorable tomato. Give Gramma a place in your garden!





Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry AKA Yellow Gooseberry($5.75) 75 days.    

This very old variety from the 1860's is a brilliant 1" to 2 " yellow cherry tomato with big sweet flavors that explode in your mouth with an elegant irresistible pop! Just try to get more than a handful into the house after picking them fresh and warm from the summer sunshine.  A rare treat. Huge harvests! Incredibly prolific. Probably the best tasting yellow cherry and you will have enough to give them away by the basketful.  A Laurel's exclusive.


Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry photograph courtesy of my good friend Lisa Von Saunder of Amishland Heirloom Seeds in Pennsylvania. Check out her website!






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Hawaiian Pineapple ($5.75) (B) 90 days. A huge, breathtaking and much sought after golden-orange beefsteak with fruit that grows up to 1-1/2 lbs. When fruit is ripe it has a luscious, very rich, sweet pineapple-melon like flavor and heady tropical fragrance. Add the unusually high production of this plant, and it makes my top 10 list. A real knock-out and a top-seller.





Hillbilly ($5.75) (BB)  (E) 78 days. This old time heirloom from the hills of West Virginia, growing to 2 lbs., has stunning yellow and red dappled skin with sunset-hued rainbow stripes inside; makes gorgeous slices. Very sweet. Another top vote getter at TomatoFest in Carmel, California. This one has sold out early every year.





Jaune Flammée aka Flammée ($5.75)  (E) 68-70 days. Very prolific and stunningly beautiful, Flammé is an unforgettable tomato. Intensely orange with a reddish blush on the blossom end, these flame-colored 2 ounce globes have a rich, tangy and exciting flavor that literally bursts in your mouth. Cut open to reveal a red interior, this fruit reminds me of a blood orange with its spectacular contrasting colors. Fruits of Flammé appear to glow on the vine against a backdrop of deep green foliage. Just marvelous.




Kellogg's Breakfast ($5.75)     (E) 78 days. Wow whatta tomato!  These big 1 to 2 lb. bright orange beefsteak beauties from West Virginia are exactly the color of orange juice. This terrific fruit with its sweet, buttery, ambrosial flavor with a perfect balance of bright tanginess is a favorite of gourmets and gourmands everywhere. Sliced open, it reveals a rich creamy bright-orange flesh, just bursting with juice. A top seller year after year. 







Lollipop ($5.95) Okay, get ready for some delicious fun! From Gary Ibsen at, "This big, bushy plant with wispy foliage yields huge amounts of 1¼ inch, almost translucent, creamy, yellow cherry tomatoes in clusters of 6-10, which hang on the plants like lollipops and have unique, fruity-sweet, lemony flavors unlike other cherry tomatoes. Produces fruit continuously, even under high temps. This is an excellent cherry tomato suitable for farmer's markets. Also great as a salad tomato, a snacking tomato or for adding to your culinary creations. Another winner for your garden!"



NEW FOR 2014

Japanese Yellow Truffle aka Japanese Yellow Trifele ($5.75) 80 days.    If you like sweet tomatoes, this charmer is for you. With a beguiling shape and rich taste along with heavy production, the 4 to 6 ounce Yellow Truffle is a fabulous addition to your collection. At the peak of ripeness when the skin changes from yellow to golden-orange, these yummy guys are long keepers which stay fresh and flavorful for a couple of weeks after picking, making them perfect for gardeners and market growers alike. In a display along with their handsome dusky-hued cousins, Black Truffle (above) they are a knock out.


They are irresistible. After this photo session, we accidentally ate all of them, even the one we promised to save for Grandma.





   NEW FOR 2014

Persimmon ($5.75) 80 days.      

Enchanting color and sweet, rich flavor make Persimmon a big favorite of heirloom gardeners. Among the best of the big orange tomatoes Persimmon stands out for its high production of 12 ounce to 2 lb very meaty sweet tomatoes with very few seeds. Flavors are elaborate, earthy, tropical, juicy with a touch of perfect tang. Silky texture, never mushy, producing lots and lots of tomatoes all season long.



PORKCHOP-LG.jpg (800×601)   NEW FOR 2014

Pork Chop  ($5.95) 85 days.    

Introduced by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in Napa, California (Brad also brought us Berkeley Tie Dye), Pork Chop is a big, gorgeous, meaty, striped bright yellow beefsteak tomato with fantastic flavors. Very sweet with a citrusy background, it just might be the best tasting true-yellow tomato in existence.

Luscious, spellbinding, just out of this world. At full ripeness its green stripes turn to a burnished gold and then, boy, are you in for treat.





Sun Gold ($6.25)     (EE) (H) 55 days. This is the one of the best cherry tomatoes I've ever tasted, rivaling Isis Candy, and ready to pick in only 55-60 days. It has the big, rich flavor of a full-size tomato, in a beautiful little deep-golden fruit growing in bountiful clusters on a huge plant. Sweet, rich, so beautiful...just left of center in top photo. Most of them won't make it into your house from the garden. If you send someone to pick them for you, keep your binoculars trained upon the picker. 






Summer Cider ($6.95)     Oh. My. God. Had my first taste of this spectacular fruit when I bought one at Elser's Country Farm Stand at our local farmers' market this summer. Amazing Terry and I brought it home, sliced it in half and starting eating. Lost our minds. This is one of the most incredibly delicious tomatoes I have ever tasted. Refreshing, juicy, fruity, sweet, tangy, sublime.  Meaty, full flavored, ambrosial.  Love it.


This photograph is the property of my friend Lisa VonSaunder of Amishland Heirloom Seeds  and used here with her gracious permission.





Yellow Submarine ($5.75) 70 days. (Ch) (E)

A wonderful little tomato! Similar in appearance to Yellow Pear but with a deep, rich flavor and excellent texture, Yellow Submarine is replacing Yellow Pear for many gardeners who long for this beguiling shape and color but with big yummy tomatoey taste. Now the cutest little tomato also has great big flavor!  A Laurel's exclusive. Shown growing in a 25 gallon Tan SmartPot in our garden.

Photo by Adrienne Park-Tucker.







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