The Black Tomatoes





Black Beauty ($6.95) 85 days.

Beautiful to look at, the flavor of Black Beauty is deep, rich and complex. Combined in a tomato salad with red, pink, orange and yellow tomatoes - a real mind-blower!

A Note About Ripeness:  Be sure and wait for true ripeness! Black beauty takes a while to ripen but is definitely worth the wait.

These photographs are from our home garden and have not been retouched. The fruits and the stems are deep dark indigo-black. Inside, blood red. The first photo is a not quite ripe fruit, the second and third photos show the color change indicating ripeness.

So dark that some tomatoes turn solid blue-black on the skin. Deep red flesh is among the best tasting of all tomatoes. Rich, smooth and savory with earthy tones.

A dark, meaty, very rich-fleshed tomato with extreme anthocyanin effect, the same antioxidant in blueberries and blackberries. The emerging little fruits are deep black from the time they are tiny until big and almost ripe, then you will see some color changes as you can see in the photographs.

Keeps well on the vine and stores very well, and the flavor improves with room-temperature storage.

Baker Creek's Dave Kaiser tasted it at the 2015 National Heirloom Exposition and proclaimed it as the BEST tomato he had ever eaten! Yay Dave!

Photograph from Baker Creek Rare Seeds.




Black Cherry ($6.75) F/C (Ch) (VE) 65 days.


A perfectly round cherry tomato with classic black tomato flavor, sweet, yet rich, smoky and complex. Fruit picks easily from the stem and is produced in abundance on vigorous, tall plants.


These cherries are irresistibly delicious: look like a black cherry, taste like a sweet cherry-- a unique addition to the color and flavor spectrum of cherry tomatoes for your garden, along with our other cherries, it makes a dazzling display for any table. Just outstanding. T


hese guys got eaten moments after the photograph was taken.  :)





   Photo property of Damon Webber

Black Krim ($6.75) 75 days (E)


This much sought after Russian variety is unique and unforgettable, originally from Krim (Crimea) on the Black Sea, Black Krim has a superb smoky sweetness with a delicate lingering touch of tang in a 4-6" slightly flattened, mahogany-colored fruit with lovely, deep green shoulders. Setting fruit at higher temperatures, it is superb and very easy to grow. (It is not the same variety as Noir de Crime).




Black Mamba $7.95 78 days      (B)    SORRY! BLACK MAMBA HAS SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON

New to our list this season, Black Mamba is a big, bodacious, purple/black beefsteak tomato. Elaborate smoky flavor with touch of sassy tang make this one an irresistible delight in your tomato garden.

A natural 'surprise' cross of Lucky Cross with an unknown black variety, Black Mamba's flavor is rich, sweet and luscious and the plants produce big crops of stunning, irresistible tomatoes. 

Really meaty and full-flavored, Black Mamba is also a fabulous choice for sauce!

From the garden of the late, beloved, old-timey tomato grower Millard Murdock.

NOTE: To honor Kobe, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from Black Mamba to 'Long Distance Bedtime Stories', a USO based program which makes videos of deployed parents reading favorite bedtime stories to their children. Deployment can be pretty tough for kids, being so far away from Mommy or Daddy. You can help us make a difference and light up a child's face with a bedtime story from a far-away-for-awhile parent.


  New for 2021!


Black Zebra 75 to 85 days.    


We've had so many requests to bring back this yummy saladette tomato. It was on our list many years ago--it's back!


This stunning, perfectly round 1" to 2" fruit with tender, deep dark red to caramel colored skin beneath vertical dark green and mahogany streaks is the favorite of my family. Flavor is very much like Chocolate Stripes, but in a smaller version.


Black Zebra has opulent, rich flavor with hints of smoke and sweetness, a big favorite around here which disappear mysteriously from the plants as soon as they ripen.



Carbon   Top Seller, back for 2021!


Carbon ($6.75)  80 days.       


The most requested black tomato that was not on my list for a few years was Carbon. "Laurel, when are you going to grow Carbon??!  Why don't you have it? It's the best tomato I've ever had! You gotta grow it for me!" "PLEASE."


If I included every tomato my wonderful customers wanted, the list would reach 500. We gotta exercise some self-control!


But, with Carbon, I continue to hear this at least 30 times every season. The requests are getting more frequent and adamant as people taste Carbon at parties, restaurants, weddings and tomato festivals -- which means that hundreds more want to grow it.


And for good reason. One bite and you're a goner.


One of the biggest and darkest of the luscious black tomatoes, Carbon reaches 8 to 12 oz. and has big, sublime, elaborate flavors. And it produces a LOT of tomatoes.  A hearty plant, disease resistant.





    Image result for cherokee purple   Top Seller!


Cherokee Purple ($6.75) (HG) (E)       75 days.


A legendary and beautiful tomato, at least 100 years old and said to be grown by the Cherokee People. 12 oz. deep dark dusky rose-purple, deep red inside, with sweet, rich and smoky, luscious flavor. 


Cherokee Purple is a garden staple, in everyone's favorite list for a good reason-- disease resistant, reliable and easy to grow, and great one for your heirloom or heritage garden. 


Seeds were sent to Craig Lehoullier by JD Green of Tennessee who got them from a neighbor whose family had grown them for more than 100 years.  In 1990 Craig named it Cherokee Purple.





Chocolate Amazon aka Amazon Chocolate ($6.75)       80 days.


This exceedingly rare, beautiful and incredibly delicious variety is the first tomato that I can say rivals my all-time favorite, Paul Robeson.


Everyone who tastes it goes mad with tomato love and says it is the best tasting tomato they have ever tried, bar none.


The flavor of this deep chocolate-brown tomato, as described by Lisa of Amishland Heirloom Seeds, " a distinctive, winey, smoky, rich taste and fabulous color."  Lisa was the first to offer seeds of Chocolate Amazon which were sent to her by her Ukrainian friend, Sergey.


Double the size of most other black tomatoes, reaching 1 lb. or more, extremely prolific and pumping out sweet, luscious, juicy tomatoes right into the cooler weather, Chocolate Amazon has been in our top three discoveries since 2009.





Big 4" tomatoes!


Chocolate Stripes ($6.75)   (B) 80 days.

After removing it from the list in 2009, I was bombarded by horrified customers who could not live without it and were freaked out by not seeing it. So it's back for good. Sorry.


Among the largest of the black tomatoes, this one was among the top 3 winners of TomatoFest 2007.


Reaching 2 lbs., ripening to mahogany with dark olive green stripes, these fruits have enormous old-time tomato flavor.


 A plentiful harvest, stunning beauty and out-of-this-world taste make Chocolate Stripes a rare treat in your garden.


Be sure not to over-water when the fruits are getting ripe because they will crack and become watery and mushy!


Be careful. Test the soil 4 to 6" down--not just on the surface! If it is damp, turn off that hose and back away....





    Top Seller!

Foxy Lady ($6.75) (E) (HG)   (70 to 75 days). 

This rapturous little cherry tomato has gained a huge following among my customers.

The flavor is energizing, elaborate and dazzling with a sweet, seductive background and earthy nuance with lingering flavors. A tiny touch of tang balances its big full-bodied sweetness. I am madly in love with this tomato.

Early ripening and growing in huge abundance on big plants in clusters of 5 to 7 fruits, Foxy Lady ripens in only 70-72 days from plant out and has some of the biggest potato type leaves Ive ever seen.




    Our #1 Top Seller for 21 years


Paul Robeson ($6.75) (VE)  (HG)        65-70 days.


This is my all-time favorite tomato and our top seller. This marvelous plant will give you its perfect 3" - 4" fruit in only 65 days from planting. Incredible; a symphony. I do believe this is the finest tomato in existence.   


It is a gorgeous, dark and dusky-hued fruit with intensely sweet earthy taste with a hint of tanginess, a luscious velvety smooth texture, beautiful skin, rich with juice and high production. You will love it. 


The seed was made available by Marina Danilenko, a Moscow seedswoman. 


This luxurious tomato is named for Paul Robeson (1898-1976), the elegant, renowned and charismatic operatic singer, law school graduate, champion athlete, film star, stage actor and boundlessly brave champion of civil and personal rights throughout the world.





Photo courtesy of Restoration Seeds.

Tasmanian Chocolate (Dwarf Plant) ($6.75)     (E)  65 days 

Big tomato, little plant. Tasmanian Chocolate is a beautiful variety that produces huge tomatoes on very compact plants. Large, beefsteak style fruits can grow to almost a pound and ripen to a deep chocolate-red.


What really makes it unique is the dwarf growing habit, with small plants only growing to 2-3 feet, but still loaded with big fruits! Great for small spaces and containers. Be sure to give it at least small tomato cage, when the fruits start getting big, it will fall over without support.







Velvet Night  (Dwarf Plant) ($6.95) 65 days.


This deep purple, rather large cherry tomato grows in great abundance on a small dwarf plant. If you have a limited garden space and crave a really sweet, rich flavored cherry tomato, this is the one for you!


Very high production of 1 to 2 oz. cherry tomatoes with huge flavors that will keep your tomato tastebuds really happy all season long -- and you'll have enough to share with loved ones.


This tomato was selected out and named by Susan Oliverson of the Dwarf Tomato Project.





 New for 2021!

Wild Fred (Dwarf Plant) ($6.95)       A Laurel's Favorite

Lots of big gorgeous purple/black tomatoes grow in abundance on a strong, stocky 3 to 4 ft. dwarf plant. Disease resistant and producing big crops of large yummy tomatoes in all kinds of weather, the flavor is outstanding.

Heavy in your hand, this juicy, beefsteak type fruits grow to 6 to 10 ounces with thin skin and the deep, smoky, juicy, aromatic flesh you find in Carbon which is one of its parent lines (along with New Big Dwarf).

This big, tasty variety was named by Craig LeHoullier, for his dad Wilfred after a memorable typo of Wilfred's name in a church bulletin.

A fabulous cross made in 2005 by Bruce Bradshaw in California.


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